Hello and Welcome! I’m now offering online therapy to help during this crisis

I’m Barbara Madani and this site is about the counseling, crisis intervention strategies and therapy services, including online therapy, that I offer to people in the Vancouver area and beyond. Please contact me directly or fill out my intake form to book an online therapy session today.

I am a Registered Psychologist and have been practicing for more than 30 years. My experience as a counselor has taught me that it really doesn’t matter whether the challenges a person faces seem huge or small — the underlying message is always the same:

… that pain and suffering have taken the joy out of living and that nothing quite surpasses the feeling of being truly ALIVE.

Incorporating approaches from Hypnosis to EMDR, I help people find that feeling of aliveness again and activate ways to maintain that vitality.

If you’re thinking about therapy, I invite you to take the first step right now. You can browse my site, get to know me a little and decide if you like my approach. As the poet Hafiz says:

You carry all the ingredients
To turn your existence into joy
Mix them! Mix them!

Try my online therapy and get help with crisis intervention strategies

Because of COVID-19, I am currently offering online therapy and crisis intervention strategies. Please contact me for more information.