About My Practice

These are some of my areas of treatment expertise:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Phobias
Grief and Loss Self-Esteem
Anxiety Love Pain & Relationship
Sexual Abuse Stress Management
Depression Career / Workplace Issues
Panic Performance Enhancement
Weight loss Childhood Issues
Identity Mid-life Crisis
Cancer Chronic Illness

I have had clients tell me that they were reluctant to raise certain issues or to even come to therapy because they thought that their concern was insignificant. To them their own problems didn’t compare with the traumatic events that someone else had endured.

What is extremely important to remember is that everyone’s pain affects their own life and may even block their own growth. Therefore, everyone is entitled to benefit from what therapy has to offer.

In addition to emotionally based concerns, I also treat people with autoimmune and chronic illnesses such as HIV / AIDS, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Diabetes, and Cancer. Therapy builds on your strengths to diminish suffering so that you become empowered as well as gain relief in this process.

Every Life is Special… Every Person is Unique

After many years of providing counseling in Vancouver, I have determined that most of life’s struggles develop because we are unable to:

    • Show up in life as we really are without fear.
    • Fulfill our own destiny or purpose and give our life meaning.
    • Connect with others in a growthful, fulfilling and pleasurable way.

In my view, problems in these areas are often related to how one defines their ‘life purpose’ and how successful they are in fulfilling it.

Opportunities to move forward begin to blossom as my client and I work together to identify what this purpose is and how to achieve it by highlighting strengths while simultaneously breaking through problematic barriers.

I feel tremendous excitement about witnessing the emergence of change. As I see it, together we are embarking on the journey of healing.