After much contemplation and perhaps urging from family or friends, you may decide to summon your courage and begin therapy.

In spite of your trepidation, I want to assure you that seeking guidance regarding one’s psychological health is not a weakness.

After all, we go to experts for consultation regarding other important matters including: our physical health, our education, our legal concerns and our financial advice. I don’t mind admitting that I need professional help to keep my car on the road!

But, maybe you still have this lingering feeling, “I should be handling this by myself”!

If you subscribe to this belief, then you may have tried numerous different methods to resolve an issue. Yet, as time passes, it may seem as though the experience of success is sporadic, or eludes you completely, as you struggle through suffering, confusion or doubt.

Mastery and Resilience

It is my feeling that to attain different levels of mastery we must proceed through stages of growth. Difficult life circumstances are often the precursors to growth — but if they’re not successfully negotiated may result in the following:

  • Ineffectual repetitive patterns accompanied by low self- esteem such as:
    self-sabotage, procrastination, addictions.
  • Overwhelming emotions (e.g. anxiety, panic, depression, rage).
  • Thought disturbances such as negative self-referencing beliefs or obsessive thoughts.
  • Poor relationship choices, difficulties in communication, struggles with power and intimacy.
  • Lack of social, emotional or cognitive skills.

It is important to know that these kinds of distress are more common than you might think and you don’t have to face them alone. I have lots of resources to support you in discovering what is already with-in you and to assist you to regain your:

  • Emotional well-being.
  • Sense of purpose and delight in your life activities.
  • Fulfillment and pleasure with interpersonal connections.