Below is a brief narrative about my counseling background and life experiences. You may also click on my résumé for a more detailed account of my education and professional qualifications.


I began my journey to become a therapist by attending the University of New Brunswick where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Honors Psychology.

In choosing a graduate school, I was enticed to the University of Waterloo, Ontario to undertake a Masters degree in Counseling and Human Relations. I went to Waterloo not only because it had attracted some big names in Psychology research but also because of the Co-op program for which this University is famous. In fact, I won the competition for my first formal Psychologist position due to the strength of this program. I got my start working in the field with two paid internships integrated with my academic training, making each more meaningful and practical. I was fortunate as well to have brilliant academic advisors, one of whom was Dr. Ralph Bierman who continues to practice in Toronto, Ontario.

During my term as a School Psychologist in Toronto, I was assigned to a special unit focusing on Learning Disabilities. This specialization has served me well even with an adult population, since many adults today suffer from previously undiagnosed childhood learning disabilities where they were considered “slow learners” or to have had “behavior problems”. Such exposure increased my understanding of the trauma resulting from these deficits which often lead to later difficulties in performance and achievement.

Moving westward, I became a clinician at the Calgary General Hospital working with patients in an outpatient clinic and on the Psychiatry ward. While employed at Calgary General, I wanted to continue to utilize the experience I had gained from working with children. Together with an enlightened Optometrist, I founded a Diagnostic and Treatment Learning Disability clinic.

When beautiful BC beckoned, I devoted several decades to Counseling Psychologist positions at Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia and the Open Learning Institute (now Thompson Rivers University). It was during this time that I became trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Re-processing) and found it so effective that we encouraged every other psychologist in our setting to take the training. Although EMDR was little known at the time, it has become widely known as one of the most effective methods for treating trauma. With research validation for which EMDR has won awards, this approach is a proven complement to many other treatment orientations.

In addition to counseling students at university, I also enjoyed supervising graduate students and teaching workshops. While working in these roles at SFU I began my own part-time private practice. Years later I eventually decided to make a full-time practice my career priority.

During the transition from the institutional environment to the private practice realm, I took time to examine other avenues where-by my learning and experience could be applied. I wanted to explore a different venue from one-to-one therapy as a way to assist individuals. As a result, I created and performed a one woman play / philosopher’s café entitled “Can you find True Love in an Affair”? The event drew individuals with many diverse opinions on the matter and sparked lively debate, expression and even confession. I received many calls from individuals acknowledging that they had had long and honest discussions with their partners afterwards, which would not have happened otherwise. Needless to say, every aspect of this endeavour was therapy for me as well.


In addition to clinical practice, it has always been important to me to participate in my professional community. I have volunteered at the College of Psychologists by serving on the Ethics Committee (now called the Professional Standards Committee) for a three year term; and I have also served as an Oral Examiner for many years.

Professional Associations

College of Psychologists of British Columbia
British Columbia Psychologists Association
Eye Movement Dissociation and Reprocessing Association of Canada
EMDR International Association Certified Trainer, Approved Consultant
British Columbia Hypnosis Society

Continuing Education

I have been actively committed to professional development in all areas of my specialization. Included are my most recent conferences:

American Academy of Anti-Aging Conference
December 2011     Las Vegas NV

Effective and Ethical Marketing Strategies for Psychologists
Sept 2011     Dr. David Ballard Vancouver BC

EMDR Canada Workshop: Beyond Trauma Resolution
May 2011     Barry Litt Vancouver BC

Effective and Ethical Marketing Strategies for Psychologists
April 2011     Vancouver BC

American Academy of Anti-Aging Conference
December 2010     Las Vegas NV

EMDR Canada Annual Conference
April 2010     Toronto ON

Hypnosis Training Seminar
2010     Vancouver BC

American Academy of Anti-Aging Conference
December 2009     Las Vegas NV

Advanced Clinical Hypnosis for Anxiety and Symptom Management
October 2009     Dr. Gary Elkins Vancouver BC

EMDR Canada Annual Conference
May 2009     Vancouver BC

Clinical Hypnosis Training Workshop
February 2009     Vancouver BC

Phase Oriented Treatment of Trauma:
Jan 2009      EMDR and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Vancouver BC

Further Explorations into the Ethical Lives of Psychologists
2009      Stephen H Benke Vancouver BC

Biology Of Belief
October 2008     Dr. Bruce Lipton Vancouver BC

EMDR International Conference
September 2008     Phoenix, AZ

Nature and Nurture :The Relational Brain
May 2008     Vancouver BC

Psychotherapy: Understanding How Personality Affects Treatment
March 2008     Dr. Nancy McWilliams Vancouver BC

Advanced Hypnotherapy: Treatment of Health Related Issues
November 2007     Dr. Daniel Brown, Vancouver BC

Chronic Pain
September 2007    BioMed, Burnaby BC

Developing Competence in Ethical Practice
May 2007    Dr. Melba Vasquez, Vancouver BC

Collaborative Couples Therapy: Turning Fights into Intimate Conversations
February 2007    Dr. Daniel B Wile, Vancouver BC

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Conference
December 2006    Las Vegas NV

Beyond Trauma: Treating Child Abuse Survivors with Contextual Therapy
November 2006     Dr. Stephen Gold, Vancouver BC

International EMDR Conference
September 2006     Philadelphia PA

EMDR Association of Canada Annual Conference
April 2006     Vancouver BC

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Conference
December 2005     Las Vegas NV

New Frontiers in Trauma Treatment
December 2005    Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk, Richmond BC

The Value of Positive Emotions
June 2005     Dr. Barbara Fredericks, Vancouver BC

Emotion-Focused Therapy: The Transforming Power of Affect
February 2005     Dr. Les Greenberg, Vancouver BC

International EMDR Conference
September 2004     Montreal Que.